available for:
- Creative Assignments and Collaborations with magazines, newspapers,  tourism boards, DMOs, tour companies, airlines, and more. 
- Documentary and Editorial Assignments for magazines, newspapers, and NGOs. 
- Impactful Photo Essays and Visual Narratives 
- Speaking Engagements such as conferences, workshops, and photo clubs
- Interviews on any of the following topics: Travel Photography (technical, logistical, creative, or the business of), Travel Portraiture, NGO Photography, Ethics of Travel Photography, Respectful Travel Portraiture, Storytelling within Travel Photography, Gear + Approach, Creativity on the Road, and much more. 
- BFA in Creative Writing (Non-Fiction): I know not only how to create powerful images and how to craft a story in series of images, but I am an experienced writer able to provide captivating and thoughtful captions to a photo essay but also longer form visual narratives as well as eloquent but accessible education pieces. 
- 10 years of professional photography not limited to portraiture, documentary and candid, street and cultural, travel 'postcards' (hero shots / famous sites), issue-based journalism, and wanderlust-provoking fresh takes on travel imagery. 
- Sony Canada Ambassador since 2015
- Full suite of Sony Gear to create with (see below)
- 6 years on staff at Matador Network where I not only wrote both their Travel Photography courses (novice and advanced) and mentored hundreds of photographers through those courses, I also climbed the ranks to become a Lead Photo Editor for several years. Experience in editorial includes assembling articles, editing and rewriting, pitch meetings, and working with a team to produce a piece, and doing the backend work to bring the article to life. 
- 8 years and counting running The Giving Lens bringing travel photography and humanitarian efforts together. 
- Published hundreds of articles on places, experiences, round-ups, and photography education. 
- Written several courses on Travel Photography both for Matador Network and more recently for Unraveled Academy 
- 15 years as a traveler, 45 countries and counting. I am a knowledgable, confident, educated, researched, empathetic, open-minded traveler who knows how to handle all kinds of situations as they arise abroad. I've traveled solo, as a group, and with my toddler. I can handle any destination, and most situations with ease and confidence, as well as humbleness and gratitude. 

I proudly shoot with Sony Gear:

Sony a7iii  |  Sony a7rii  |  sony a6300
35mm 1.4  |  85mm 1.4   |  90mm 2.8 MACRO
16-35 f4  |  24-70 f4  |  70-200 F4 

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